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JUDY STARKMAN is an award winning photographer and director, whose work includes television commercials, short dramatic films and other creative still and video projects.  In her previous life, Judy has worked for most of the major worldwide television networks as a journalist and documentary filmmaker. A global traveller, Judy actively seeks projects which fuel her passion for inspiring visuals.  

BILL LAGATTUTA spent 30 years as a Peabody and Emmy award winning television journalist, known for his ability to distill complicated material into compelling and fascinating stories.  After a reporting career as a national correspondent for CBS News, Bill turned his attention toward creative film production.  As a photographer, he is passionate about showcasing the work of artists and other creative people.

In 2019, BILL and JUDY moved their home and production facility to the town of Winters, a small farming community near Sacramento, California, where they are making films and growing olives.


JUDY and BILL have travelled extensively in Italy, speak the language and have created a number of projects for Italian clients.  BILL has strong roots in Sicily and directed an award winning documentary on his ancestral home, Mezzojuso.


MIZZICA is a word in Sicilian dialect, which is used to express wonderment.  There is no direct equivalent in English, but the closest translation is roughly, "Holy Shit!"

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